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Lichtbogen 200 Schweißgerät

Zahlungsart: T/T
Minimum der Bestellmenge: 5 Set/Sets
Lieferzeit: 10 Tage


Modell: mma140


Zx7-200 DC Inverter mma Lichtbogenschweißmaschine

Es hat drei Modellabdeckung:

Features and purpose

Adopt MOSFET inverter technologh, brief and easy electronic circuit, compact, light and energy-saving
Strong compensation for wire netting against voltage vibration of power source. Welding current is stable, the performance is reliable
With little no-load loss, compared to traditional welder, it can save electricity about 50%
Inverter frequency reaches 100KHZ, high dynamic response, easy to strike arc; Arc is stable with low noise, deep molten hole, high strength
Fine arc force adjustment, can prevent electrode sticking. Applicable for welding of each steel structure


Main technical parameters

Data/Type ZX7-140
Rated Input Voltage(V) AC220V±15%
Rated Frequency(HZ) 50/60
Rated Input Current(A) 27.4
Rated Input Capacity(KVA) 6.0
No-load Voltage(V) 65
Welding Current(A) 10-140
Welding Voltage(V) 25.6
Rated Duty Cycle(%) 60
Weight(Kg) 4.25
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 355*180*270

Produktgruppe : MMA Inventer Schweißer > Andere Schweißmaschine

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